"Simon is at the top of the A-List for a reason. First, because his headshots "POP" they leap off the page and command attention from casting.
Next because EVERYONE ends up happy when they shoot with Simon. He defines the meaning of FUN and embodies endless artistic integrity. I've never known a more dedicated professional or talented photographer anywhere in the world.

Diane Christiansen
CHILDREN IN FILM lists her as the "#1 Top Rated Acting Coach in Hollywood".
Actors Access voted her"One of the Top 10 most effective Coaches in Hollywood"

"I can honestly say Simon is the best photographer I have ever worked with.
He has the ability to connect with every one he shoots, always bringing out their
true energy and essence.
You know a good photographer when you get the proof sheets back
and there is not a bad one amongst them."

Jenny Vavra
Director of KSA MODELS
Kazarian/Spencer & Assoc.

Originally from England, Simon Gluckman has been a professional photographer for over 25 years. He has been based in Los Angeles for the past 19 years, after working in both Europe and New York.

"Simon is without question the leading photographer in his field, with the knowledge of exactly what agents look for in a shot."

Ellyn Peterson
Agent/ Arlene Thornton

Simon's work can be seen in many leading international magazines. His background in the fashion industry has given Simon a unique position in his field, as his professional contacts range from film and television to fashion editorial.

"Simon's energy is infectious. Between his humor and one of the sharpest eyes in the business, our shoots consistently exceed our highest expectations.":

Lloyd Solly
Creative Director
IQUEUE, Los Angeles

"Simon shot Tracy Gallagher, my lead anchorwoman, for the launch of our new show. I'll never work with anyone else."

Nancy Jacoby
Executive producer
The Travel Channel

Having worked with such celebrities as Carrie Anne Moss, Christina Applegate, Jessica Alba,
Simon has successfully built a career in photography.

"I have used Simon throughout my career, as casting agents in both television and features have continually commented on the quality of my headshots."

Dan Hildebrand
Actor/ Deadwood, NYPD Blue, Gone in 60 Seconds

"My job is to reach in and find the real energy and personality of each person I shoot.
A pretty picture is not enough. There has to be life in each frame."

"Having fun is a key part of the shooting process......... this is not going to the dentist!"



"Hi Simon, It goes without saying that you were blessed with an amazing gift and talent- WOW! After seeing your work on an episode of The Starlet, it was clear- To be the best, I must deal with the best.
My headshot is simply not acceptable, and no matter what way you slice it, my craft and talent is worthless without the perfect marketing tool. I NEED YOU! Please allow me the opportunity to meet with you and experience your magic firsthand.
What must I do to make this happen? I can no longer settle for mediocrity.

Thank you for the great work and the great experience today.
Jessica enjoyed it and felt very comfortable.
Not only do I think the pictures will be beautiful,
but it was also a great educational experience.
At this point in my life, one of my favorite things
to do is  watch an artist work.
I enjoy learning from people who obvioulsy know what they are doing,
and are good at it.
Thank you for that privelege, as well as the great pictures."
 Bruce (and Jessica)

"Wow!  I just saw Tyler’s proofs of the photos you took of him — and they are wonderful!  No:  YOU are wonderful.  I owe you big time.  Well, Tyler owes you big time.  We all owe you big time.  Simon, thank you so much for your generosity and, especially, your talent."
xxx rick,

"Dear Simon, Hey, it is I, Kelly Marie.  I just wanted to take time out to thank you for such wonderful headshots.  I'm getting a lot of compliments on them.  I'm also a NY finalist for Mo'niques Fat Chance.  Which is a reality show like America's Next Top Model, but for plus size woman.  So keep your fingers crossed for me, because I feel like this is my foot in the door.  Thanks again!!"

"OH MY GOD. I love you. The pictures look so fu*ing amazing; you are the biggest rock star ever. Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I will call you to hear your favorites when I get it down. You rock."

" Simon,when you told me initially that I would have so many great headshots and have a hard time choosing, you were not exaggerating...thank you so much for providing me with headshots that I can be confident and proud to distribute.  You are truly a talented artist and I admire your work greatly--that is precisely why I chose to work with you.(Not to mention your terrific energy--it's contagious)  With that said, I am honored to be included in your array of headshots on your web site---that's very exciting!  I look forward to getting headshots done in the future, and even getting some other pictures done of my girls and I.  I know that the photos would be pictures to cherish...
Thanks again for everything,"

"Hi, Simon... I just forwarded you the 11 or so that my manager, agent, me agree on. I would love your input, if you have a moment; that would be simply wonderful!
These are the best pictures I've ever had! I've never felt so comfortable with a photographer and I am confident that these fabulous shots are going to get me lots of work!
Thanks again,"
Royana Black

"Simon, I love the pictures...thank you!! I'm still working on choosing my "favorites" -- it's so nice to have so many possibilities to choose from.
Talk to you soon."
Terry Kaye

"Hi Simon, I tried to choose....I think it will be imposs. to choose just my 3 looks. let me know what you think!
Thank you again!!"

"My friends Wade and Kimberly raved about your excellence. They sent me copies of their shots and they are terrific.
What would be your earliest availability?
Heather Clark